”I see being a mom like a business” – 39-year-old mother of 19 children says as she expects her 20th child, all with different men

A Caucasian mother of 19 has revealed that she is set to welcome her 20th child, and all are with different men.

Martha, the 39-year-old Medellin, Colombia native, reveals that she is unsure of the father of her children; However, she intends to go on having children until her body is no longer able to conceive.

Martha is the mother of seventeen children under the age of eighteen, and her government provides financial assistance to each of her children.

“I see being a mom like a business, practically,” Martha stated.

Martha laments that the money she gets is insufficient to pay for the expenses of raising and caring for all of her children because she has so many of them.

“The truth is, as the government helps me for each child, I receive a little money for each one,” she said.

According to Martha, she receives roughly $30.50 for her youngest children and the equivalent of $76 for her oldest.

She receives about $510 a month from the Colombian government to take care of her kids.

Martha also gets assistance from her neighbors and the church.

She added that she intends to continue to give birth until her body no longer allows it.

Martha acknowledged that it can be difficult at times to feed everyone well on a tight budget, but she plans to keep having children as it is “profitable” for her.

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