“I just found out my fiancé is gay” – Pregnant lady cries out

A Nigerian woman has pleaded for assistance after an unexpected realization about her fiancé.

The lady shared her story on a famous forum, stating that she recently discovered that her fiancé is gay.

She came across messages on his phone where he expressed affection to his male best friend, who was also supposed to be their wedding’s best man.

Despite their four-year relationship, the woman never suspected that her fiancé was gay.

Although she is pregnant with his child and loves him, she is considering canceling the wedding and confronting him.

She wrote:

“I just found out last night that my husband-to-be is gay. Like he is into men. I stumbled upon his phone yesterday night and saw his chats with his best friend, the supposed best friend that returned from South Africa because of our wedding next week.

“We have planned our wedding next Saturday, everything is set. We have dated for four years and never for once did I suspect that he was into men.

“In the chat, he was professing love to his best friend. Telling him how he has missed him and his pen!s.

“How he had enjoyed last night with him, I even saw my fiance nπdes in their Whatsapp.

“I am losing it, please help me. I went to his house for the weekend, on Saturday, he had left me and returned late at night without knowing he was going to have s3x with his best friend.

“I just left the house this morning without him knowing cause he is a banker and he leaves home early. I left his door open, packed all my properties and haven’t talked to him

“He has been calling me since but I am not taking his calls. I couldn’t concentrate at work today.

“What should I do? Please help me
love this man so much, he has been a blessing, and I am pregnant for him, but then, why this??

“Should I cancel the wedding? Should I confront him? I’m confused I want to run mad.”

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