”I don’t want to get married and my family is not welcomed in my house” – Neo Akpofure reveals why he refused to give his ex, Vee a second chance after break-up

BBNaija All-stars housemate, Neo Akpofure has revealed why refused to give his ex-gilfriend, Vee Iye a second chance.

The reality star disclosed this while discussing with his colleague, Pere.

According to Neo Akpofure, he refused to reconcile with Vee because 9 months after they broke up, she was still talking about holding a grudge with his cousin, Venita.

Read Their full discussion below:

Pere – do you know what i think is happening, i might be wrong but, i think she’s using your situation to clout chase cuz if she hasn’t come to talk to you by now then that’s f#cking clout chase.
Pere – vee, you guys already had something…
Neo – a beef?
Pere – yh.
Neo – the beef we had was small, till today i dont know why it is a beef cuz twas more like my ex wanting to…
To be honest I’m not sure I’ve said this before but one of the reasons why i couldn’t really give my ex like a chance, twas even because on the last day we spoke, this was 9 months after our breakup, she was still referring to fighting my cousin.
And I’m like you cant break up with me after 9 months and you’re trying to come back and you’re still telling me you’re holding onto a grudge with my family. Someone you’re not supposed to ….. I will not inspire you to seperate from your family.
And she was just like going off in harsh tones.
i just knew i had to take a stand cuz nobody knows how far we might go, we might actually get married and i don’t want to get married to you and It’ll feel like a situation where my family is not welcome in my house cuz you have some kinda like … You’re supposed to inspire me to build a family not tear me apart from the one i already have, so thats it i let it go.
So now that she’s, it can’t be that cuz me personally i no entertain that thing wey she and her dey do cuz all i thought is that it was a bare misunderstanding and i just couldn’t get them to come to a space to clear it out.

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