“I don’t tolerate nonsense” – Lady causes buzz as she permanently blocks 711 people on her phone (Video)

A lady with the TikTok handle @bothoselebogo has caused a buzz by claiming to have blocked 711 people on her phone, citing her no-nonsense policy as the reason.

The video features the unidentified lady explaining her reasons for wielding the “big stick” of blocking.

She asserts that she does not entertain anything she deems nonsensical and is quick to hit the block button on anyone who causes her trouble.

As evidence of her claim, the lady shares a screenshot on her phone displaying the figure “711” representing the number of blocked contacts.

This revelation left many TikTok users astonished, prompting them to ponder how one person could accumulate such a substantial number of blocked individuals.

Netizens Reactions…
@Ashane Rose said; “Not blocking a single person. my ignore game is as strong as Samson.”

@Stacey-Ann White said; “Not me with 11 contacts, 1 of them is my other number.”

@shortgirlbetty said: “I’m beginning to question my whole existence cause why do I have 48 contacts in total and someone out here has 711 blocked contacts?”

@Amanda Dladla commented: “We’re the same. I don’t tolerate nonsense.”

@Car Guy said: “How do you guys know 700+ people?”

@Nokulunga Mathenjwa said: “I thought I was a blockist, but you my sister, you take the cup.”

@Lisa Kim said: “I cut people off and forget them in three months.”

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