“I believe in love but the love you see around these days is all a scam” – Yvonne Nelson reveals why she’s still single

Yvonne Nelson has said that she is single and not looking to date because love these days is a con.

According to the actress, she believes in love, but the love shown these days is not genuine, but rather a ruse.

She indicated that she is open to fall in love, but the games that people play in relationships these days are not something she is willing to go through again after her previous experiences.

Despite being unmarried, she insists she is not looking for a partner.

The Ghanaian actress’s love life came under investigation after the publication of her memoir. Some of her failed romantic relationships were detailed in the book.

She said: “The love you see around these days is all a scam. I believe in love and wish I could fall in love and do all the lovely-dovey stuff. But the love we see around these days is all a scam. I’m single. I’m not searching, but I know that one day how someone will find me.”

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