I am senior to Pete Edochie in Nollywood – Kanayo O Kanayo asserts (VIDEO)

Kanayo O Kanayo, a venerable figure in Nigerian movie industry, has set social media abuzz with his bold claims of seniority over esteemed colleague, Pete Edochie.

In a recent interview with Afia TV, Kanayo O Kanayo launched his claims with a resounding assertion that individuals of his caliber, including Pete Edochie and others, must not be omitted from the annals of Nollywood history.

Delving into the archives, the 61-year-old thespian firmly asserted that the groundbreaking achievements of legendary filmmaker Kenneth Nnebue in the 1990s cannot be undermined. He emphasized Nnebue’s pivotal role as the first filmmaker to professionally produce home videos in 1992.

Expanding on his argument, Kanayo highlighted that he and fellow actors who graced the screens in the 1992/93 Nigerian two-part drama thriller film, “Living in Bondage,” were among the pioneers who ventured into Nollywood as true professionals before anyone else.

Kanayo firmly contended that the renowned 1971 Nigerian movie, “Things Fall Apart,” featuring the esteemed Pete Edochie, was indeed a cinematic project and not a home video production.

The iconic actor asserted that if anyone, including his colleagues, posits that Pete Edochie preceded him in starting Nollywood, he is prepared to challenge such a notion.

Kanayo clarified that while Pete may have initiated his journey in cinema before him, Edochie officially joined Nollywood four years after he did, emphasizing that this distinction is not based on biological age.

He averred with the assertion that, in the realm of Nollywood, he holds seniority over Pete Edochie.





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