“How I was almost sexually harassed by a UNILAG lecturer in his office because he thought I was a girl” – Denrele Edun recounts (Video)

Media personality and actor, Denrele Edun has recounted how he was almost sexually harassed by a UNILAG lecturer.

In an interview on podcast, Tea With Tay, the media personality who is androgyne, that is possessing the qualities of both gender, revealed that the lecturer had mistook him for a female because of his crossdressing.

Denrele Edun revealed that the lecturer was always super nice and sweet to him and would always tell him to visit him in his office.

Thinking the lecturer was kind to him, Denrele Edun had paid him a visit in his office to submit his assignment and the lecturer kept heaping praises on him for his beauty.

Taking things further, he had asked Denrele to perform oral sex on him, which he respectfully refused.

According to him, that day was filled with a roller coaster of emotion as he was scared, frantic, perplexed and everything.

“I got harassed in a lecturer office because he thought I was a girl and his course was one of those general courses.

Everytime I wanted to submit assignment, he would tell me to come to his office. I thought he was being nice and when I went to his office he was praising my beauty (He said fine girl, come in) and I u was like, if I tell him I am not a girl, he would fail me.

He told me to seat on his lap and he told me to give him blow job. I was scared, frantic, perplexed, everything. It was a roller coaster of emotion”.

Video below….


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