How can I pay your bride price to marry you and you put password on your phone – Actor, Don Richard

Popular Nollywood actor, Don Richard has questioned why a wife would put a password on her phone after her bride price has fully been paid.

The actor took to social media to wonder why women would be locking their phones from men who have paid outrageous amounts as bride price.

He lamented how he was unable to know who was calling his wife because she had passworded it and could not view those who were sending her requests.

Check out some reactions below …
ennygold1 said: “So because you paid bride price she should turn to your slave abi, why you password your phone too, you guys can’t even take half of what you dish out. We must turn mumu by force bcos we marry, orisirisi 😂😢”

__giftie stated: “This mentality stinks🤮🫢🙄”

dazzlnsbeautylounge wrote: “Did you buy her?? Inukwam pay bride price and marry you?? Is marrying you, doing me an honor?? Is like something is wrong with you? I thought marriage is the coming together of two ppl inluv to build their future? When did it turn slavery?”

the_bimboakisanya penned: “Make sure you don’t put password on your phone too oooo”

ayotunde128 said: “When a phone is passworded, it doesn’t mean she’s hiding something. Some phones r like wallets, with just ur phone u can pay for goods, u av ur mobile banking and all that needs to be protected just incase ur phone fall into wrong hands. As a husband u can know the password but ur int3ntions must be clear not for u to spy at will cos honest u av no business being in a marriage where u can’t trust ur partner. Uncle shd av passed this msg in a more subtle .:

Watch him speak …

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