“He’s talented, he wants to enjoy a celebrity lifestyle” – Fans react as Mohbad father performs at an event in Lagos (Watch)

A video of Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, performing at a recent event has created quite a stir on social media, eliciting a flood of reactions from netizens.

Dressed in traditional white garments, he performed energetically, moving to the rhythm of the drums.

Before the untimely death of his son Mohbad, who rose to fame in the music industry, Mohbad’s father had a music career of his own.

However, he stepped away from the limelight for reasons unknown. Recently, he has been making efforts to revive his musical career, spending time in the studio recording new tracks.

Beyond his music, Mohbad’s father has been vocal about the circumstances surrounding his son’s death and has shared his opinions about his son’s widow, Wunmi.

His remarks, along with the revival of his musical talents, have ignited significant discussion and reaction among netizens.

The video of his recent performance has sparked a blend of nostalgia and admiration online.

See social media users reactions to the video below;

bholaromobaba: It’s like he did something for Mohbad and he had to take it back for him to continue his singing Nd stop carpentry since Mohbad refused to give him Liam placenta . Make We just dey look. See someone that want to do Autopsy and getting money from Gofundme me.

ucheoajene: d So he wants to enjoy a celebrity lifestyle but wants Wunmi to be homeless with her child? Heart of stone.

damikellz: If he loved singing so much, why didn’t he enter the studio with his son when he was alive??? Why wait till his demise???

callmepowei: callmepowei 1 d This is what he wanted 😂😂😂Baba as you have collected your glory back,oya bury your son🙏🏽.

topsy_14: Ologo ti gba ogo pada bayi ooo🌚 baba ologo 10G.

zhee0221_____: E be like say most of una forget say this man na musician before I no understand sey make hin stop to dey live hin life nii? He’ll always get attention whether he ask for it or not because he is all over the media already due to the unforeseen circumstances. Na una sabi oo una negativ!ty won’t stop the man.

harykhe0606: harykhe0606 1 d He has collected his lost glory 😂😂 baba weyre.

honeyp_store1: honeyp_store1 1 d Now that you have collected your glory back,can we rest now “Celebrity mourner”.🙌

turexbeauty_: turexbeauty_ 1 d All baba wanted was his son’s lifestyle. Enjoy the moment sir😏.

Watch the video below;

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