Three Crossdressers humiliated, stripped at club as their dates realise they aren’t women (Video)

Three crossdressers have been subjected to a humiliating experience in Ghana after it was discovered that the are not women.

It was gathered that they were taken to a night club by some men looking to have some fun time, without realising that they are also men.

However, they somehow got to find out that the three of them are crossdressers and it led to a chaotic scene at the club.

They were assaulted and stripped of their clothing while other club goers joined in the act and proceeded to film them while they were unclad.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @AttaNyantakyi said; Small mistake and u carry man go house ahh

@JojoBiney3; I knew they were boys from the very beginning. This is where the hustle has led them too. Chale hard

@Chocomilobabes; You guys should be careful out there o

@fortunateozuyak; If you like, drink and get High!!

@_IamAsantewaah; Like how they take know? I’m sure someone tip them cos if not the ending I wouldn’t have known they were guys in disguise.

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