“He’s in his early 60s” – Alexx Ekubo, AY, Yomi Casual involve in heated debate over Ik Ogbonna’s real age (Video)

Renowned Nigerian actor Ik Ogbonna has once again become the focal point of a widely circulated video, playfully accused of humorously manipulating his age.

In a recent video, Ik Ogbonna was seen socializing with fellow industry colleagues like Alex Ekubo, AY Makun, Funny Bone, Yomi Casual, Mike Godson, and more. They were engrossed in animated conversations, relishing each other’s company.

As conversations unfolded, one topic naturally transitioned into another, and Alex Ekubo seized the opportunity to playfully delve into the intriguing subject of revealing his friend’s actual age.

Alex shared the story of his attempt to uncover Ik Ogbonna’s real age by questioning his father during his mother’s burial, only to encounter a clever evasion.

Undeterred, on a recent visit to Ik’s father’s house, Ekubo revisited the subject. To his amazement, Ik’s father dropped a subtle hint, hinting that Ik might be over 50 years old.

The captivating disclosure received support from one of Ekubo’s friends who witnessed the entire exchange.

In his usual comedic style, AY Makun couldn’t resist poking fun at Ik Ogbonna regarding the age allegations, and his brother Yomi Casual joined in with his own playful banter.

In his characteristic style, Ik Ogbonna vehemently refuted the accusations. Nevertheless, amid the banter, Funny Bone emerged as the sole supporter, unwavering in his belief that Ik Ogbonna is genuinely in his mid-30s.

Undeterred by Ik Ogbonna’s denial, Alex Ekubo remained resolute in his suspicion that Ik was not entirely truthful about his age. Ekubo playfully confronted Ik about his doubts in the lighthearted video.

On January 11th 2024, IK Ogbonna celebrates his 40th birthday.

Watch the video below;

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