Heartbroken boyfriend angrily divides framed photo of him and ex girlfriend following break up (Video)

A young Nigerian man uses a sharp tool to divide a framed photo of himself and ex girlfriend after their relationship turned sour.

The relationship between the former lovers had ended and the young man was apparently pained by the separation.

He decided to use a sharp machete to break and divide the framed photo that they had made when their relationship was still intact.

Netizens have reacted …
@JAYRIQ 🥷 noted: “I de work frame incase you entre another relationship”

@BigZiko1 shared: “All my EXes frame still dey intact, how una take dey destroy gifts self. I even have their pics. Relationship ends doesn’t make us an enemy”

@Spencer_042 reacted: “You dey love for hookup generation 😂😂😂”

@Virginboi14⚓ stated: “it’s not about who promised buh who stayed 💔
We gave love buh received pain in return 🤕”

@Heasten junior said: “Divide it like d Red Sea 😂😂💔💔”

Watch video below …


I pray y’all in a relationship brake up😘😝😂🤣 #viralvideo #fyp

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