“He shall be identified as a male all the days of his life” – Khafi shares prayer a couple prayed during child dedication in church

Popular reality star, Khafi stirs reaction online as she shares the unique prayer a couple prayed for their son while dedicating the child in church.

The reality star made known that she was at her church which had a couple dedicating their child on that day.

Khafi revealed that the couple prayed that their son shall continue to identify as a male all the days of his life.

Many social media users thought it an apposite prayer to be prayed.

She wrote …

“A family dedicating their baby son at church this morning prayed:
“He shall be identified as a male all the days of his life”.
Do think they were right to
do this?

I had never heard this as a prayer point before and
took me by surprise! What do you think?”

See reactions that followed …
munahboutiqueplus said: “E no complete oo,he shall identify as a man n get married to a blessed woman amen”

samvail__ remarked: “Best prayer ever! May our happiness into the world not make us unhappy through out our existence!”

nneomawrites stated: “I pray a version of this prayer over my boys everyday: “May they never question their identity as the great men You have created them to be”

zinny_cleo penned: “This particular prayer point should be identified as a National prayer point cos am not understanding all this am A FEM GUY am seeing everywhere. It’s either you are a girl or a boy anything asides that you are an ANIMAL.”

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