”He doesn’t want to ship with Venita” – Reactions as Adekunle reveals he doesn’t want gifts from fans/shippers

Reality star, Adekunle, has shed light on his decision to reject gifts from fans while also addressing his relationship with Venita outside the Big Brother house.

In a recent radio interview, Adekunle made it clear that he has a policy of not accepting any gifts from fans.

He explained that this stance stems from the expectations that fans and shippers often develop when they spoil an ex-housemate based on their relationship with a colleague.

He elaborated that when fans shower their faves with gifts, and the relationship ends, they turn around and accuse the former lovers of taking advantage of them.

Adekunle further cited an instance whereby he once accepted gifts from fans and people ended up accusing him of begging.

Regarding his relationship with Venita, he described it as a product of the unique environment within the Big Brother house.

He emphasized that the house is an isolated setting where contestants have limited knowledge of each other’s true personalities and behaviours outside the house.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to Adekunle’s statement, One kingdomingoloso wrote: “Thus guy is very smart, he is already thinking 10 steps ahead and weighing the possible future. I understand his point 😂.”

the_dr_ray wrote: “I already said it to my friend, if Adekunle dates venita outside the house, I won’t use social media again, that guy is smart ASF”

quirkeccentric wrote: “I love human who are self aware you can’t buy them or make them do what’s against their person. He’s a realist. Realist don’t work based on other people’s assumption. They might be a public figure they can different between being a status and a human..”

_toby_loba wrote: “Baba no want make fans forcefully ship am with Venita 😂.”

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