“He didn’t ask for rent, he’s my angel” – Man celebrates his landlord in Canada who gave him house for free, lives without paying rent for months

A Ghanaian man Peter Bawuah has shared his extraordinary experience of encountering a generous Canadian landlord whom he fondly refers to as his “angel.”

Peter Bawuah, who now resides in Canada, took to Facebook to express his gratitude for the unexpected kindness he received upon his arrival.

According to the young man, when he initially rented a place in Canada, his landlord went above and beyond the call of duty by refraining from requesting rent for the first six months.

The generous landlord not only provided shelter but also entrusted Peter Bawuah with all the keys to the house, designating him as the caretaker.

This responsibility included managing various household tasks such as snow clearance, bathroom cleaning, floor mopping, and grass mowing.

Peter Bawuah went on to reveal that his landlord played a pivotal role in helping him secure his first job in Canada.

“This man is my landlord. For my first 6 months in Canada 🇨🇦, he never asked for rent. He gave me all the keys to the house and I am the one who takes care of the house. While others are paying $600, $700 to 1000$ every month, God used him to bless me without asking me for rent. He didn’t ask me to do any work to replay the rent. I volunteered to work for him. I clear snow, clean bathrooms, mop floors, and mower the grass. I am the caretaker of his house although and I always help him every day,” the young man said in part.

“There was a time when my Landlord was looking for a job for me. I got my first part-time job in Canada through his recommendations. This man is one of my angels in Canada,” he added.

Netizens Reactions…
Njay’s–plaze said; “It’s takes grace to receive such assistance and help from strangers but takes a high sense of responsibility to utilize them without abusing the privilege. Congratulations Peter Bawuah TV and may God enrich the man with heavenly blessings.”

George Kwarteng Adenta wrote; “Such people are difficult to find. God bless him.”

Ujunwa Chinyere Nwosu said; “God bless him and continue to be good to him as well.”

Ifeoluwapo Anthonia Olorunsaiye wrote; “God make ways when you are not lazy. My own testimony is certain.”

Caleb Osasona said; “Congratulations! You were chosen for the favour. However, you shouldn’t hesitate a second to resonate and do same for your kinsmen or whoever comes your way too. That way, you turn the table around with compassion.”

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