God dealt with billionaires who queried me over their tithe – Pastor Adeboye reveals, advises people to pay their tithes

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has recounted an encounter involving several billionaires from his congregation who had queried the administration of their tithes.

In a widely circulated video, Pastor Adeboye recounted the incident where these affluent members approached him, seeking a detailed account of how their tithes were being utilized by the church.

Initially hesitant due to his belief that such scrutiny ran contrary to biblical principles, Pastor Adeboye eventually relented, anticipating divine intervention in response to the billionaires’ challenge.

Over the subsequent two years, the individuals in question faced a series of setbacks, including the termination of contracts and financial downturns.

Recognizing the correlation between their actions and their misfortunes, the billionaires acknowledged that they had incurred divine disfavor as a consequence of their inquiry into tithing practices.

Despite Pastor Adeboye’s intention to demonstrate God’s grace and his aversion to discord, those who questioned the sacred practice of tithing ultimately departed from the church and experienced a decline in their wealth, thereby relinquishing their status as billionaires.

Netizens Reactions…

Gideon George wrote: “The business of attracting 10% of everyone’s monthly income is real and it should be approached with parsuative strategies”

Wilfred said: “I don’t think this message can be delivered to a white congregation. The sermon is best suited for Nigerian audience.”

KK Richard wrote: Another “Wale Adenuga production. lol 😂”

Eniola Daniel said: “It is well… My local church, Anglican will gives financial report and everyone knows. So, why shy away from this??”

MrRouvafe said: “Seeking accountability equals pride and attracts punishment from God. We learn everyday.”

Suleiman Tajudeen said: “With all due respect, this is pure tales by moonlight! No one gets punished asking for proper accountability.”

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