“God bless Africa” – Video trends as men found the largest nugget of Gold in Ghana (Watch)

Several reactions have started trailing a video that reveals the moment some men while working found the largest nugget of Gold in Ghana.

In the video trending on Instagram, the group of men while working on the site found the big Gold in Ghana.

According to information that hits the internet, the gold digged by the men is the largest nugget of Gold found in the history of Ghana.

The group of men in the clip could be seen struggling so hard to push the Gold from his initial underground spot to a more exposed area.

Several reactions have started pouring in, while some have started congratulating the men that found the Gold while adding that they are now rich, others claimed that the government might end up not giving them anythings.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

afro_officielles: I’m not surprised because according to history Ghana used to be referred to as Gold Coast there are lots of golds there🌚🌚.

sandraokunzuwa: I hope these people gets part of it to.

carcare_mobile_carwash: Lol…. Instead of the government to open jewelry products and. Other final use factories they will sell it at peanut price to one Chinese man and 3 months later they are broke and digging again 😂😂😂 ohh my dear Africa, our own strong.

olanrewaju.aj: Africa and poverty should never be mentioned together , ever! Why are we onto ourselves the evil we despise. I say this because the imperialist can’t do evil onto black folks without the help of some black folks (uncle toms) Africa will be great , and soon too!

ojayyy__: This is an opportunity to tell you that Nigeria has been mining gold in Zamfara but the federal government and the Zamfara state government has been syphoning the money into their personal pockets. The oil of the south belongs to the nation but the gold of the north belongs to the northerners 👍🏾.

jason02xx_: Trust me, this won’t add to their national income, exploiters are seeing this right now.

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