France Riot: What I expect from Nigerian youths – Charly Boy

Charles Oputa, the maverick Nigerian singer, who is also known as Charly Boy, has issued a challenge to Nigerian youths.

He challenged the youths to “reject the system that let them down.”

He made the call while sharing a video of rioters burning down some burnings in France on Twitter.

According to Charlyboy: “This isn’t Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. This is France where 9% of the population has brought down entire cities!

“Karma from Africa?

“Am waiting on the exceptional Nigerian Youths to reject a system that let dem down.

“Una destiny dey una hand.”

France has been rocked by a wave of protests after a 17-year-old youth was shot by police near Paris on Tuesday.

The riot sparked a ban on demonstrations in some cities and travel warnings.

Scenes emerged of people setting fires to vehicles and climbing onto buildings with smashed windows, while riot police officers fiercely clashed with demonstrators.

The unrest prompted a response from French President Emmanuel Macron, who held an emergency meeting with ministers as he attempts to bridge divisions and unite the country in his second term.

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