“For you to date me, you’ll have to put me on salary” – Lady tells toasters

A young woman named Adebola recently shared screenshots of a conversation she had with a man named Stephen on her Twitter page.

In the viral chat, Adebola engaged in a discussion with Stephen, who initially reached out to her via private message.

Stephen expressed his fondness for Adebola and expressed his hope that she would consider his advances. However, Adebola firmly requested that he cease messaging her.

She explicitly stated that if she were to enter into a relationship with him, he would need to provide her with a weekly salary, and only then would she consider his proposal.

In response, Stephen admitted that he didn’t have much but assured her that he had been making an effort.

Unimpressed, Adebola firmly asserted that she was not interested in casual relationships and subsequently blocked him from further private communication.

Read full chat below:

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