“E don happen” – Mike Tyson and 2 other boxers observe prayer in front of restaurant that says “No dogs or Muslims allowed” (Video)

A controversial video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment Mike Tyson and 2 other Muslim boxers observed prayer at a restaurant in Los Angeles, USA.

In the video making the rounds online, the owner of the Los Angeles restaurant wrote at the entrance ““No dogs or Muslims allowed.”

After hearing about this after some days, Mike Tyson and 2 other Muslim boxers decided to dare the owner of the Los Angeles restaurant.

Mike Tyson and the 2 Muslim boxers namely Badou Jack and the kickboxer Aamer Abdullah observed Solat in the restaurant.

They did not only Observe Solat in front of the restaurant they prayed in the restaurant while the owner watched it all and didn’t do anything.

As expected the action of Mike Tyson and the 2 other boxers observing prayer in the restaurant stirred mixed reactions online.

While some hailed the action stressing that no hate on Muslims would be allowed other tackled the development by sharing their contrary opinions.

See reactions and video below (swipe to view more);

accraboy4lyf_: No hate to Muslim pple but I would’ve call the Police on em and sue their asses same time TF on my property?

mceasyboy: Na their behaviour normally, the only safest Muslim country in the world is Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 🙌.

sir_aigee’: I support what they did. The discrimination against Muslims around the world must stop. In fact, I will turn the restaurant into a mosque and return next time with a bunch of people. He is lucky they prayed. Wait for the extremist once to test suicide or even deal with you with violence. This is why some are very violent and take it to the extreme.

soundsange: You guys don’t get the strategy, he used that caption as a means to dare the Muslims to come in and he won’t do anything, and after that the whole story will be on the news about how peaceful he is , then he would get more customer

Video below”””…..

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