“Dump any monkey that is not spoiling you” – Bobrisky

Bobrisky, outspoken and controversial social media sensation, recently stirred the online space when he likened some Nigerian men to monkeys.

In a recent candid Instagram post, Bobrisky didn’t hold back, taking a direct jab at men who, in his view, fail to financially support their girlfriends and indulge them.

To drive his point home, he equated such men to monkeys and advised women to reconsider their relationships with them, advocating for the pursuit of better partners.

This statement from Bobrisky comes in the midst of other events that have marked his life in recent times.

One of the most notable was his decision to undergo surgery to enhance his appearance. Following the transformation, he proudly displayed his post-surgery body to the world, inviting followers and fans to admire the results. This unapologetic flaunting of his altered physique generated a significant buzz and sparked conversations on social media and beyond.

Very recently, Tontrends had also reported that Bobrisky had taken to social media to reveal what he does for a living. He loudly stated that he was a full side chick to billionaires.

However, Bobrisky’s life hasn’t been all about personal transformations and social media stardom. Just a few months ago, he faced a wave of controversy and mixed reactions when he shared the unfortunate news of his father’s passing. What raised eyebrows was the manner in which he handled the situation. Despite the loss, Bobrisky chose to celebrate his birthday and went on to host an extravagant burial ceremony for his father. This decision raised questions and garnered criticism as it appeared to diverge from traditional Muslim cultural practices.

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