‘Don’t you want to get old or what? – Tboss slam those shaming people for getting older

Former BBN star Tokunbor Idowu, better known as Tboss, took to social media to address the issue of age-shaming.

In a recent post, she passionately defended the natural process of getting older, expressing her confusion over why some people view it as a negative aspect.

In her candid and assertive tone, Tboss questioned those who shame others for simply “getting older.” She highlighted the absurdity of criticizing someone for a natural and inevitable part of life, emphasizing that aging should be celebrated rather than stigmatized.

With a touch of humor, Tboss encouraged people to close their mouths and “hold their silly fingers” if they are inclined to engage in age-shaming. She reminded her audience that growing older is a privilege denied to many and that the passage of time should be embraced with gratitude and dignity.

Oost below…

In a society that often glorifies youth and places undue pressure on individuals to maintain a certain appearance, Tboss’s message serves as a powerful reminder to embrace the beauty of aging.

Age should never be a cause for shame, as every passing year signifies a wealth of experiences, wisdom, and personal growth.

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