Don’t use money to attract women it ends in tears, find the right woman without spending money and use money to reward her loyalty —Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former special assistant to the former president of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, has posted a tweet on his official Twitter handle on why he wouldn’t advise men to attract women with money.

Relationships between men and women and the subject matter of money are major topics that are widely discussed, and Omokri has shared his own opinion on this subject.

The statement made by the one-time best-selling author as regards this read, “Don’t use money to attract women. It ends in tears. Instead, find the right woman without spending money. Use money to reward her loyalty. Money is a reward, not bait. Bait is used in traps. If money attracts her, one or both of you will end up trapped! Use your personality to attract women. If you don’t have a personality, don’t replace that shortcoming with money. Learn how to develop one. Join social clubs. Volunteer at your church”.

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