Cross cuts off friendship ties with Pere (Video)

Tensions have escalated as housematesCross and Pere find themselves entangled in a bitter dispute over alleged betrayals and broken trust.

The feud, triggered by the words of another housemate, CeeC, has led to Cross severing their once seemingly unbreakable friendship.

The rift reportedly began when Cross, in a private conversation with Pere, hinted at taking certain actions based on what he had been informed by CeeC.

The nature of CeeC’s revelations remains undisclosed, but they were evidently weighty enough to stir Cross’s emotions and prompt his decision to reassess his relationship with Pere.

Among the claims that emerged from this conversation was CeeC’s assertion that Pere might not be capable of safeguarding his own reputation unless Cross was present in the house.

This assertion seemed to rattle Cross, who harbored suspicions about Pere’s loyalty and intentions.

Furthermore, the confrontation took an unexpected turn as Cross dredged up a past incident involving another housemate, llebaye.

Allegedly, when llebaye’s belongings were found in a disarray in the toilet area, Pere purportedly suggested that her belongings should simply remain on the floor.

This incident resurfaced as Cross emphasized it as one of the reasons behind his wavering trust in Pere.

However, Pere vehemently denied the accusations and urged Cross not to be swayed by hearsay.

Pere emphasized his steadfast loyalty to their friendship, dismissing the claims as unfounded and asserting that he had always stood by Cross’s side.

Despite Pere’s attempts to salvage their connection, Cross remained resolute in his decision.

In a surprising and decisive move, he officially announced the termination of their friendship ties, leaving the housemates and viewers alike in shock and disbelief.

Video below…

Netizens Reactions…

_walking_trophy: “Not a fan of Pere, but he has always been loyal to cross. Whatever scheming or planning or side talks he does, he’ll never go with it to Cross.”

winny_355: “Pere must really like Cross because he cried because of Cross confronted him about his loyalty.”

collme_cece: “I understand cross’s point.. but I pray he believes Pere.”

cheta_of_pitakwa: “Cross asked him if he can call Ceec to confirm the gist, Pere begin stammer and declined.”

_paulgentle_: “Cross has never nominated Pere for pardon me until today but Pere has always nominated cross week after week, its so sad.”

sparkie_hairaffair: “Now I feel bad for pere. Cross shouldn’t have done this if he doesn’t have evidence. This is really sadden.”

_wizzyregiee: “Pere has been scheming yes,but he has had cross best interest at heart.”

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