By law, Peter Obi is expected to hang Tinubu’s photos in all his businesses. He is now the President -Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri says that by law, the presidential candidate of Labour party, Peter Obi, and all Nigerians are expected to hang up a photo of President Tinubu in their work places.

Omokri stated this while addressing members of the Obedient movement who he says still insult him because of the outcome of the Presidential election.

Omokri opined that despite their grievances, Tinubu has been sworn-in as President and every Nigerian is expected to work with him.

His post reads;

‘’Sadly, many of Peter Obi’s supporters lack political maturity and emotional intelligence. If I praise Tinubu, they will attack me and say I have collected money from him or want appointments. These guys are better suited for war. In their minds, if you supported another candidate during the elections, you MUST hate Tinubu and condemn ANYTHING he does. But that is not politics. That is hatred.

Elections are over. The case is now in court. There is nothing we can do about it. Now, we must focus on the government. Who is the President for now? Tinubu. By law, even Peter Obi has to hang Tinubu’s photo in ALL his businesses. And from his ward to his Local Government to his State Government, they must all adorn Tinubu’s picture.

Be objective. Rein in your propensity to insult. Support Nigeria. If Tinubu does well, encourage him. If he does wrong, discourage him by criticizing and opposing him. Because, whether you like it or not, he is the driver of a car on which you are a passenger. If he crashes that car, you will crash too!”

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