“Because you got pregnant or that you impregnated someone does not mean you must marry them, don’t rush into marriage because of pregnancy, marry who you love” – Pastor Bolaji (Video)

Bolaji Idowu, the lead pastor of Harvesters International Christian Center, has issued a warning to ladies, telling them not to marry a man only because they got pregnant for him.

He urged them to marry a man because they love him, not because of a mistake they made, saying that they’ll mortgage their future to unhappiness.

In a clip of his sermons shared via his Instagram account on Wednesday, July 3, the cleric said: “Marry a man because you love him, not because you got pregnant because you can get pregnant for an idiot.

“When people make mistakes just calm down, don’t throw them out of church, keep them in church. If you throw them out of church, you’ll expose them to Satan.

“So, a girl gets pregnant out of wedlock and you say we should throw her out, or you say she’s compelled to go and marry the man that impregnated her.

“Listen to me ladies, if you ever get pregnant outside wedlock, that’s not the only reason why you should marry the person that impregnated you or else you will mortgage your future to unhappiness.

“Marry a man because you love him not because you got pregnant. And don’t cover one mistake with a bigger mistake.

“One mistake was getting pregnant and the bigger one is now marrying him, and ultimately you now hate yourself, hate your child because you found yourself in a terrible place.”

Video below…..

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