“They told me he’s not better than others” – Mother in tears as she recounts how her son was beaten to death in police custody (Video)

A heartbroken mother has recounted how she lost her innocent son in the cold hands of death while he was thrown in the Nigerian police custody.

In a video making the rounds online, the devastated mom could be seen crying profusely as she narrated her ordeals in an online program ‘Berekete Family’, stirring emotions among social media users.

Apparently, her son, identified as Erasmus, was apprehended by the police over a murder case along with some other young men. The mother stated that he was falsely accused and arrested.

According to the woman, she brought food for Erasmus only to find out that her son could not see her. She queried a policewoman who told her that her son was so tired to receive any visitor at the moment.

However, she managed to speak with one of the arrested individuals who was actually the real culprit of the crime for which her son was detained. This person revealed to her that her son had been beaten to death by the police overnight.

Upon learning this, she demanded to see her son, but shockingly, the police bundled her like a sack and threw her outside after she started to wail bitterly over the death of her son.

The woman made it known that the officers boldly told her that her late son is not better than the other innocent people whom they have been killing in the station.

The video triggered massive reactions as social media users shared their thought via comment section. This incident has led to public outrage, with many calling for justice for the woman and condemning such unthinkable acts by the Nigerian police.

Some reactions are shown below:

pr_tty_an_gel said, “The policemen/ women that did this to her will never know peace”.

suzzy_pompom said, “Everyone that made this woman cry will never stop crying terribly throughout their life time .. I pray for God comfort for her and her family”.

healthvilleng said, “I cried watching this. No mother deserves this,haaaa😢”.

rasheed__013 said, “Na y police men children no dey ever make am for life😔💔”.

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baba_onibread1 said, “If your dad or mom be police he no go better for them Amen 🙏”.

ehilarry50 said, “@nigeriapoliceforce please we need justice for this woman, how can they do something like this to someone son 😢😢😢😢”.

Watch the video below:

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