6 ladies who rejected me when I was in Nigeria ran back to me after hearing that I relocated to Canada – Nigerian man reveals

A Nigerian man has shared how some ladies who rejected him returned to ask for a relationship after he relocated to Canada.

According to him, he was surprised when he saw messages from the six ladies who had earlier turned down his request for a relationship.

Speaking on the content of their messages, he said the girls expressed desire to be with him and blamed him for not applying pressure when asking them out in Nigeria.

He said: “Nigerian babes are funny. Moved to Canada recently and like 6 babes that rejected me back then are in my DM asking me why I didn’t put pressure then. One told me she can’t do LDR from Ogun to Oshogbo but now she’s ready for LDR. Different friendly match bookings when next I visit home.”

Yemi reacted: “Bro would see the difference between relationship in Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria. Majority of Nigerian women are not looking for love, but help. Always on survival mode. Leave Nigerian women alone.”

Prince Adebayo said: “God bless you!!! Most of them are looking for help and also a man who can help financially and they can settle down with. Even your Ex go come back!”

Dnpassion wrote: “Nigeria ladies only love you when they see potentials or when you’re making it in life especially those ones from my tribe.”

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