Man rants as girlfriend insists on buying iPhone with all her N250K savings

Nigerian man complains online over his girlfriend who earns N25K monthly and wants to use all her N250K savings to buy herself a new iPhone.

The man took to the page of an influencer to complain about the issue his currently facing in his relationship.

According to the man, his girlfriend, despite earning N25K monthly, wants to purchase an iPhone which costs over N200K.

He suggested that she should buy a low budget for of 100K to manage, but the girlfriend had obstinately efused.

The man wrote …

“Please what’s your take on this my Girlfriend wants to use all money she saved to get an iPhone of 250k, told her she doesn’t need it she should get a low budget phone of atleast 100k but she refused saying its her money, she earns 25k per month from her job… i don talk tire , she no gree.”

Check out reactions that followed …
@Maggiewitdsauce said: “What’s she buying the phone for? Does she depend on you for upkeep, if yes, then she has misplaced priority. If she wants to buy the phone for business, still make her understand why she can get something lesser with good camera as well and she can save the rest to boost her business. If she intends to buy the phone for personal use and still depends on you for upkeep, then you know what you should do… she cant be a liability and still not have sense. Fling her….she has shown you she will not help you build your home.”

@kaptainebere penned: “Her money, her choice. Why should you decide what and how she spends her 10 months hard-earned salary.

Give her your blessings to spend her money. But while at that, make sure she is no longer your girlfriend.”

@Ishow_leck explained: “If you can’t advise or convince her, then she’s not yours”

@michaelEnwankwo commented: “What if she has been saving up that money for that purpose.”

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