“Yul Edochie wants to leave but he is afraid of the consequences” — Pastor Francisca speaks on his marriage to Judy Austin (Video)

Pastor Francisca of the World Redemption Ministries has claimed that Yul Edochie wants to leave his new wife, Judy Austin but is afraid of the consequences.

The preacher who claims ritualism is biblical stated that she had informed Yul Edochie about the dangers of leaving the marriage.

Pastor Francisca alleged that she had a conversation with him, informed her members in her sermon that when they discussed, he said he wouldn’t make the same choice of marrying Judy Austin again.

She prophesied that whenever he leaves the marriage, two things will happen.

He would develop a stroke and then become mentally imbalanced.

However, those can be prevented by carrying out some prayers and deliverance and Yul Edochie was ready to carry them out until he changed his mind.

She urged people not to judge him as he was in that situation because of overwhelming circumstance and he was now scared for his life.


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