You’re putting your faves up against their colleagues that can change their lives – Kiddwaya addresses BBNaija fans

BBNaija star, Kiddwaya has taken to social media to address BBNaija fans who can’t support their favorite housemates without dragging others. 

In a post he shared on Instagram this morning, the billionaire son pointed out that he is own is good but that he is concerned for other BBNaija stars whose fans have forced to become enemies with people they have nothing against. He stated that fans have made the reality TV show toxic so much that it makes it difficult for businesses to want to associate with the stars. 

Kidd went to to point that some fans have put their faves up against their colleagues that could change their lives or at least add to it. 


His post reads;




Why can’t you support your people in peace. You’re giving them false hope and making them bigger than they’re actually are. Life will humble them very quickly. Instead of you to be hyping them up and supporting their businesses you’re putting them up against their colleagues that can change their lives or atleast add to it. All in the name of big brother. 

Do you know how many of them feel the need to do things behind their fans back because they are worried of the back lash. The majority cannot even live in peace without the fear of being dragged. Why do you think alot of them dont last long in the industry. Mental health is real! Making money is hard, its not by engagements but relationships. For me its all cruise because i no say i get. But for the ones who are coming up they need every help thats out there not for you to be creating enemies that are not there. Now by default they must adopt those enemies you the fans have created for them. 

Alot of people and businesses don’t want to mix with bbn because of the toxic fans and toxic blogs surrounding the show and the only people you are truly damaging are the people you claim to support. Sha. The next big brother is around the corner so i guess you can pick a new fav to fuck up. To my colleagues. Use your head wisely and don’t follow the narrative they create for you.”

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