“Your favorite influencers were kept in a separate tent” – Comedian Dee One analysis the sitting arrangement at Davido’s wedding from the comfort of his home

Comedian Dee One joined the online watchers association for Davido and Chioma’s wedding, and that clearly wasn’t enough, as he took to Instagram to analyze from the comfort of his home, the sitting arrangement of guests at the wedding.

According to Dee One, there were two halls at the venue for Davido and Chioma’s wedding. One of them was a tent, where influencers were kept, while the main hall contained dignitaries and celebrities.

Dee One said he’s rather stay home than attend a wedding where he would be segregated from the main event.

He also added that the food served at the tent where the influencers were was different from the one served at the main hall.

Dee One’s analysis doesn’t coincide with the videos obtained from Davido’s wedding, as everyone seemed to be in one hall.

Both the dignitaries, family members, actors, and influencers could be seen in one hall having the time of their lives, while Dee One gave his analysis from the comfort of his home.

Dee One’s opinions about public topics have often put him trouble, and ends up being dragged on most occasions.

Less than a week ago, Dee One dared Davido, calling on him to defend the price of Chioma’s engagement ring because the singer claimed that the ring was worth at least two Rolls Royce cars.

Dee some got dragged by the 30BG fan base and netizens alike for calling out Davido, who happens to be well loved in Nigeria.

Video below…

A while ago, Dee One came under fire for claiming that Genevieve Nnaji doesn’t look younger than her age, just like most Nigerians claim.

This statement didn’t sit well with his fellow BBNaija alum Uriel, as she called him out over it on social media, stating that Genevieve Nnaji was trying to get her mental health back together.

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