“You got me into this condition” – Pregnant lady wakes sleeping husband at 12 am while she couldn’t sleep, causes stir (Video)

A pregnant woman has sparked discussions among internet users by waking up her sleeping husband in the middle of the night.

In a video shared on TikTok with account, @bahassanatu, it showed how the lady decided to disturb her husband because she could not sleep.

Equipped with loud cleaning tools, she pretended to engage in a cleaning frenzy around her sleeping spouse’s head, successfully waking him from his slumber.

As the husband woke up to the unexpected disturbance, the pregnant prankster involved him in her nighttime antics by encouraging him to place his hand on her belly.

Watch the video below:


Pregnant women 😫😂#fyp #natujay1 #foryou

♬ original sound – Natujay

Social media users, who saw the video, thronged to comment section with their thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

@Abmoney said, “No be you go stil enjoy the child later later Atleast the pikin go stil like you pass his/her papa.”

@Isaac said, “Yh he needs to make sure you are asleep before he can also else he won’t sleep as well.”

@bellooladipupo713 said, “My wife must see this I finally found her twin sister.”

@user5825986321497 said, “I can feel ur pain bro … I have been through this…”

@~Gemini TWINS~ said, “Now, I will have to give myself another 3 years of rest because of this video.”

@Barbiecash said, “Can you imagine make someone you cannot beat dey frustrate you . If care is not taken the frustration go make you say ahhhhh God why me.”

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