“Why is she still bearing his last name when he has remarried?” – Netizens query Anita Okoye following Paul Okoye’s remarriage

Some social media users have blasted Anita Okoye, the ex-wife of Nigerian music star Paul Okoye, for still keeping his last name after their divorce.

Tontrends reported on Sunday that the mother of three had bagged a Master’s Degree in Arts and Design from Savannah College.

She shared the good news online with a photo of her in her graduation gown, cap, badge and others, which led to an outpour of congratulating messages from many, including Paul himself, who took to her comment section to rejoice with her.

Following this, many noted how the singer’s ex-wife is still using his surname despite him being remarried.

One I Am Jasper Jay wrote, “Why is she bearing Okoye or bride price as not been refunded? After Paul paid for Ivy. I’m confused

One Official Eldero1 wrote, “Why is it that women will leave their husbands but still keep their names? It’s a tufiakwa situation

One Chiluvsr4 wrote, “Why is she still keeping his name?

One Mercy Someone wrote, “She kept his last name?

One Chri Sty Ngozi wrote, “And she is still bearing Okoye oo but Yul dey cry make em ex-wife remove his name. Make e come learn maturity from Rude Boy

One Bethy Damilola defending her wrote, “You people saying she still has his last name, do you know how stressful it is to do change of
name? You people should focus on what’s important, jare

Another netizen defended her writing, “To all those asking why she kept his last name, be informed that under the law. No one has a monopoly of any name; as long as she isn’t misrepresenting herself to be his wife, the law allows her to keep the name

One Mikky Torino wrote, “The fact that she didn’t change her name shows the level of maturity that is embedded in her”.

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