“Stop deceiving poor Nigerians that you are also suffering the hardship” – Actress Sonia Ogiri queries Nigerian celebrities

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has questioned Nigerian celebrities on their love for staying quiet about things in the country, till things get worse.

Taking to her Instagram story, while lamenting over the economy, she questioned why celebrities are now speaking up about the hike in foodstuffs. She wondered if they were complaining or pretending and trying to feel relatable to the masses.

She further questioned why they remain mute when they’re supposed to speak up until things become bad.

Describing it as medicine after death, she told them to stop deceiving the poor Nigerians with their narrative of them suffering.

“I laugh in Swahili. Why are some celebrities speaking up now about the hike in foodstuff? Una dey whine una sef or just complaining so ordinary Nigeria go think. Say you dey feel wetin them dey feel? Why do some Nigerian celebrities keep mute when they’re supposed to speak up at the right time before things become b*d? Why medicine after death? Stop deserving the poor Nigerians with the narrative of you’re also suffering hardship.

Things are so hard in Nigeria for common Nigerians”.

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