“Where did you get it?” – Man threatens to disown son who came home with 2018 Benz

A father has reportedly queried his 37-year-old son after he came home with a 2018 Mercedes Benz A220.

This was shared on microblogging platform, Twitter by the son’s friend, McDonald who revealed that the man threatened to disown him.

He said the man asked his child where he got the car from and noted that if he cannot give a reasonable explanation then he would seize to be a part of that family.

According to McDonald, his friend, who is a Web Designer revealed that the incident happened last weekend when he visited the family house.

He wrote; “My homeboy took his 2018 Benz a220 to his parents house last weekend, and this morning he’s telling me his dad says he should show him where he got the car from or he’ll disown him. Like bruh wtf”

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