When a woman is in love, there’s nothing you can tell her – Sandra Iheuwa reveals why she married her ex-husband, despite his marriage with 3 women and 4 Kids

Nigerian businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has decided to disclose her reason for settling down with her former partner, despite knowing that he got separated from his former wives and also have four children from such marriages. She made such disclosure in an interview.

Sandra Iheuwa who spoke about such issue during an interview with Chudeity few hours ago, revealed that her ex-husband never loved her when he decided to get married to her, adding that her friend told her that he only married because he wanted to get his Green Passport.

Speaking further, Sandra Iheuwa noted that she was heavily pregnant when she noticed that her former husband had infected her with gonorrhea, adding that she would not have reconciled with him if not for their child.

The entrepreneur went ahead to disclose that she gave birth to two children with him despite not settling down with him, because she was not prepared for marriage then, adding that they later got divorced and she regretted it.

Speaking on why she went ahead to marry her ex-husband, Sandra Iheuwa revealed that;

“This is a man that was married 3 times and he has four kids with 3 women and he’s projecting all that on me. Somebody warned me but when a woman is in love, there is nothing you can tell her. You can tell her the man she married is a devil, she still won’t believe it because she’s in love”

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