Whatever they are planning, we’re ready for them – FFK reacts to alleged protest plans by the PDP

In a series of unverified reports making waves on social media, it was allegedly reported that the People’s Democratic Party are planning to hold a protest tomorrow, on the irregularities associated with the just concluded Presidential elections.

Reacting to the reports, Femi Fani Kayode released a statement via his twitter handle where he noted that the APC is ready for whatever the PDP Is planning. He said;

“The PDP’s protest march scheduled for tomorrow in Abuja is a dangerous precursor to something more sinister.

They wish to incite the people & destabilise the nation. The security agencies should take note & stop this nonsense before things get out of hand & people are killed. How can you be in court and be protesting in the streets at the same time? @officialABAT has extended his hand in good faith for peace. He has invited them to the table of fellowship and leadership but in their destructive wrath and blind rage they have rejected it. We lose no sleep over their childish tantrums and empty threats.

Whatever they are planning we are ready for them. Make no mistake about it. whatever it takes and whether it be in the street, the courts or elsewhere, we WILL defend our mandate”.

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