“What would a man be doing with his life if not making money for a woman?” – Blessing Okoro expresses in recent interview

In a recent interview on Arise TV, Blessing Okoro had expressed her opinion about the specific job roles a man should be doing in a relationship.

When asked about the roles of a man and a woman in a relationship, she revealed that women were meant and created to enjoy.

She further went on to allude to the Bible story when Eve was created in the Garden of Eden. She

revealed that even God had created Eve with the intention of enjoyment, hence why she had come after everything had been created. She also went on to state that a man’s only mission in life is to make money for a woman.

In her own words, she says,

“what would a man be doing with his life if not making a woman happy and making money for that woman?”

When the host asked her a question about women also making their own money, she agreed that women should also make their own money, but that a woman’s money should always be plan B, while the man’s money should always be plan A.

She stressed on the fact that a woman’s money should only come into play if a man starts to move crazy.

Now also recall that back in December of 2023, Blessing Okoro had revealed every woman’s joy. She stated that every woman’s joy in life is to enjoy a man’s money. She disclosed that men were inherently created to financially provide for a woman and that when God vested Adam, he had already put everything in place.

She blatantly stated, men were born to work and to feed a woman.

Some weeks back, Blessing Okoro had trolled Phyna after they had engaged in a very public online feud. In a particular statement, she had called out Phyna for being miserable as she revealed that since reality TV star Groovy had broken up with her, she has remained miserable and sad.

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