What pastor did to Mohbad that made his neck bend – Late singer’s stepmother speaks (Video)

The late Nigerian singer, Mohbad’s stepmother, has unveiled an unexpected revelation regarding an incident involving a pastor and her stepson’s lifeless body.

In a video circulating online, the woman calmly sat with Mohbad’s father, providing a detailed explanation to an interviewer regarding Mohbad’s bent neck in the coffin at his burial which sparked outrage online.

The interviewer in the room, seemingly curious, commented that Mohbad might not have actually passed away for his head to be positioned in such a manner.

Speaking in the native Yoruba language, she expressed, “For his neck to be like that, it means Mohbad has not died.”

In response to her statement, Mohbad’s stepmother clarified, explaining that the pastor had initially raised his neck to anoint his head with oil, and afterwards, the body was placed back with the neck appearing bent.

She said: “The church’s pastor lifted his neck in a particular way to pour anointing oil on his head. But when his head was placed back, the neck positioned itself in a bent way.”

Despite the explanation, the other woman remained sceptical, suggesting that Mohbad might not have completely died at that moment, as his neck would have become stiff and nearly immovable if he had truly passed away.

Mohbad’s father on the other hand was lying on a chair near his wife but he didn’t utter a word.

This narrative from Mohbad’s stepmother appears different from what a man who claimed to be Mohbad’s brother told the public.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

official_val09: Deep down outside all dis matter thu l was angry with dis man before but like dis my heart dey feel for de man imagine losing de only child who gives u food even if is small 😢omo l just dey pity dey man really na because he nor get money he would have fight 😢.

earleansfashionschool: Ok, Submit the pastor for questioning and even the step Mum too, all of you should submit yourself to the police, you cannot all be toiling with all of us emotions.

yourdigitalchik: Madam shut that gutter you call mouth 😡😡😡 when he was alive how did you treat him.

awenti_olivia: Wow step mother of the year 👏you don’t even care 💔.

motola.o: Strange things. A mourning parent doesn’t entertain or contribute to talk like this.

j3ssygaga: See her sharp mouth running like a dirty public tap!! If he was your son, would you have allowed them bend his neck that way!! She’s not even sober . The boy kuku talk am say step mother no care, and you’ve just shown it.

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