“We neva even start you don turn to Sister Freeze” – Very Dark Man mocks Daddy Freeze in new post

The Daddy Freeze and Very Dark Man saga may not be ending anytime soon, as issues keep arising.

Very Dark Man took to Instagram to vent out once again about Daddy Freeze. He played a video of Daddy Freeze, where he was saying that he was a force, and he would stand against everything.

Video below….

Daddy Freeze had rolled his eyes when he made the statement, he rolled his eyes, and Very Dark Man imitated him. He even said that he hasn’t even started beefing Daddy Freeze, and he’s already acting like a woman.

Very Dark Man continued to play Daddy Freeze’s video, and it played the part where he said a certain lady called Mary should apologize to himself, Very Dark Man, and the Nigerian Youth for deceiving them.

This whole issue with Mary is related to an allegation against a certain Mrs Florence, who had promised some Nigerians living in the U.K a certificate of stay, if they paid a certain amount to her. It was reported that she scammed them of the money and didn’t give them the certificate of stay as promised.

Very Dark Man went on to say that Daddy Freeze knew that Mary was saying the truth, but he was just angry that she had approached Very Dark Man to help her get her money back.

He went on to reveal that the Lawyer for another party involved in the case had shot himself in the foot by contradicting himself over some statements that he made.

The Lawyer had said that Mr Okwuluora, who was the person who opened the group chat, where Mrs Florence had scammed Mary, and some other people.

Very Dark Man has been pursuing this case for a hot minute now, and it seems that he’s not letting up anytime soon.

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