Video of young man walking like Gorilla causes buzz online, walks on all fours

A young man named Hassan Gorrilla has captured the attention of many on social media with his remarkable ability to imitate gorilla movements.

The viral video shows the young’s entertaining skills as he effortlessly walks on all fours, leaving onlookers amazed at his gorilla-like agility.

The scene occurred on a beach, where the young man captivates the attention of fellow beachgoers with his unique performance.

In the shared video, he begins by pounding his chest with both hands, mimicking the characteristic behaviour of an angry gorilla.

Spectators gather around, unable to resist the curiosity sparked by his intriguing display.

As the young man transitions onto all fours, he moves swiftly, replicating the gait of a gorilla traversing its habitat.

Many netizens have flocked to the comment section expressing awe at his ability to replicate the complex gorilla moves.

Netizens Reactions…
@user7701671186053 commented; “A lot of talent..may God bless you today and always!”

@Ana Maria commented; “It’s a lot of fun but not everyone can do that.”

@Dériqui_Paulo.09 said; “If I try to do this, it will be 1 year of a stuck column.”

@joél promise commented; “Africa has a lot of talents.”

@Juan Carlos Gutierrez said; “Well, we do come from that generation.”

@gersonbon882 said; “Maximum respect not everyone has that ability.”

@fernandoleonardim said; “Congratulations on your fun spirit… you are certainly an excellent human being.”

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