Verydarkman fumes at Nigerian traders over refusal to reduce the price of goods

Social media activist Very Dark Man had some things to get off his chest, when he discovered that the price of egg in the market it three-thousand-one-hundred Naira.

He went on to say that when he asked why the price of goods had not been reduced despite the fact that the dollar rate had come down, the trader replied by saying that the goods on ground had to be sold, before price reduction could be considered.

Very Dark Man went on to say that when the dollar hike happened, traders were quick to inflate their prices, but now that the price of dollar has come down, they were being reluctant to reduce the price of their goods.

The controversial activist went on to say that the citizens of Nigeria are the architects of their own problems because of instances like this.

He ended the video by saying that if he talks too much, people will wave him off because he didn’t study economics, so he won’t say too much.

Very Dark Man has always been vocal about societal issues, and that is one of the reasons why he became very popular.

His most recent quest was helping a Nigerian woman in diaspora to get the money she was scammed of. This issue made him to be at loggerheads with Daddy Freeze, and both of them have been in a back and forth situation since then.

Apart from Daddy Freeze, Very Dark Man has also made a foe in Bobrisky, who is currently in EFCC custody over a Naira mutilation case.

Very Dark Man has vowed to rid the internet of cross dressers and he might just be on his way to achieve it because recently, he petitioned against Bobrisky for doing amorous acts on the internet with his fellow men.

Video below…..

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