“Very scary” – Nigerian man narrates how he almost swallowed a metal hook in soup while eating at funeral

Willie Nwokoye, a former Principal Secretary to ex-Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, has advised people eating out to chew their food properly before swallowing.

He gave the advice in a Facebook post on Sunday, September 3, after he almost swallowed a metal hook in a plate of Egusi soup while eating at a funeral ceremony on Saturday.

“SCARY, VERY SCARY! I’m still fretting. It was yesterday at a funeral VIP tent in my home town Amawbia. I was licking a nice plate of egusi soup. No fish. Therefore no such bones to be cautious about. Only large chunks of beef. I scooped a spoonful of the soup, mainly vegetable and undissolved egusi. Naturally I munched lightly and rolled the things with my tongue to swallow. And click, my teeth ground something metal. I gradually picked it off. And it was this hook! Lesson: eat out, eat public but please carefully chew every scoop properly. Scrutinize every mouthful with your tongue. Something very deadly like this can sneak through public cooking. And find its way into your plate. Imagine if I had gulped this down. God was kind. I’m still thanking.”

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