“Ungratefulness” – Phyna writes as she unfollows Ilebaye just hours after beauty’s unfollows her

In the aftermath of BBNaija All-Stars, a bitter feud has erupted between former allies Phyna and Ilebaye, the crowned winner of the recent reality show.

The drama unfolded on social media, where the two reality TV stars unfollowed each other, sparking intense speculation among fans.

Phyna, once a fervent supporter of Ile Baye, took to Twitter to express her disapproval of what she deemed “ungratefulness.”

This tweet is widely interpreted as a direct dig at Ilebaye, especially considering Phyna’s previous subtle remarks about gratitude after the latter’s victory in the reality show.

Notably, Phyna had actively campaigned for Ilebaye during her stint in the Big Brother house, making this fallout even more surprising.

Adding fuel to the fire, Beauty Tukura, another reality TV star who had been following Ilebaye, quietly unfollowed her on social media.

Beauty’s decision to disassociate herself from Ilebaye without offering any public explanation has left fans speculating about the reasons behind this sudden move.

Ilebaye, not one to shy away from the limelight, recently made headlines with her bold fashion choice at Davido’s Martell party.

Wearing a revealing outfit that exposed her fully at one point, she elicited mixed reactions from the public.

While some speculated that her intention was to seduce Davido, others defended her, arguing that such daring fashion choices are typical for her

Ilebaye’s journey in the Big Brother house was itself shrouded in controversy, with debates over whether her victory was earned on merit or if she strategically played the victim card to manipulate audience sympathies.

In a post-show interview, Ilebaye vehemently refuted these claims, asserting that her win was a result of her time to shine, not a product of playing any victim card.

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