Twitter user recounts how her friend accused her of moving to her man

A Twitter user has recounted the details that ended her relationship with a friend who accused her of moving to her man.

The user shared her story in relation to the ongoing boyfriend-snatching saga on Instagram. In her remark, she mentioned how her friend’s man moved to her.

She decided to tell her friend, who failed to believe her until they set him up. Regardless, she turns around to pin the who thing on her.

This caused a strain on their friendship.

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She wrote:

“This whole snatching of man issue made me remember when my friend’s boyfriend was moving to me. I told my friend and she didn’t believe me. We decided to “set him up” and she saw it with her eyes.

The next day, she told me that he said that I was the one moving to him.  She went back to him too I was so hurt, it ended our friendship.”

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