Touching moment Brain Jotter offers financial assistance to woman with skin ulcer

Popular comedian, skitmaker, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, better known as Brain Jotter has sparked high emotions with his philanthropic act towards a sick woman.

The skitmaker took to his Instagram page to share a video which captures a heart-touching moment of him extending love, care and support to a woman diagnosed with skin cancer.

The 28-year-old content creator mentioned that he felt pity for this woman after coming across a clip of her using a syringe with bandages wrapped around her legs.

The comedian also mentioned that he got emotionally attached to the sick woman when she mentioned to her daughter, in the clip that Brain Jotter is her pain killer, as his comic contents is a great source of pain relief to her.

Upon viewing the video, he made an attempt to contact the woman via the DM of her daughter who initially posted the clip online.

During his conversation with the woman’s daughter, he learned that she was facing a severe health challenge – a terminal case of Skin Ulcer – and was in the process of undergoing surgery, but couldn’t carry on with the surgery due to lack of funds to complete the process.

On learning the woman’s ordeal, the comedian traveled to Abuja alongside his team members to personally meet the woman at the Abuja Teaching Hospital, of which he covered for the entire cost of her surgery, with more support which also came from his colleague OGB Recent.

This stirred teary emotions, as the woman’s daughter went emotional while expression her gratitude to the skitmaker for his charitable act.

Watch the video below:

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