“This region owns music, and that tribe owns the movie industry is all very childish, and everyone needs to grow up” – Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu, a former Big Brother Africa winner, has talked about the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

During a conversation with Nosa Oke-Hortons of Legit, Uti Nwachukwu shared his thoughts on the recent advancements seen in the Nigerian movie industry over the past few years.

During the conversation, Uti spoke about the improvement in production, the quality of the storylines being churned out, and how much work goes into making cinema-standard movies compared to what it used to be a decade and a half ago.

The Jara show host noted that being alive to see the tremendous growth that the Nigerian movie industry has witnessed over the last two decades, especially over the last eight years, has been a joy to watch.

“We are currently at the next level; there’s more to come. Just by looking at our production now and comparing it to what it used to be five, six, seven and even ten years ago, the difference is amazingly great. What I can say is we can only get better with what we’ve been doing so far.”

The former reality TV star also spoke about his senior colleague Funke Akindele. He revealed during the chat why he respects her so much and holds her high-esteem.

“When Funke Akindele produces or directs any movie you naturally expect a lot of humour, drama and life lessons. She is just an extraordinary filmmaker who has earned her place. Funke Akindele has way of always infusing a sweet feeling in her movies and that is one of her biggest sells.”

After giving Nollywood its accolades, Uti Nwachukwu also took time to take about the ethic issues in the industry. He took some time to address the raging conversation about the true owners of the Nigerian movie industry.

He said: “What difference does it make who started what? Who cares? As long as we are all doing well, kudos to everybody who is putting in putting in the work. This region owns music, and that tribe owns the movie industry. It is all very childish, and everyone needs to grow the F up.”

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