This generation is unlucky. Men of the past had the privilege to marry virgins, homely and submissive ladies – Nigerian man laments

A Nigerian man, Ejike Eke, has lamented over the ’scarcity’ of virgins, homely, submissive, and domesticated women.

“I can’t even lie, unmarried men of this generation are the unluckiest and it would be worst for the next generation,” he said in a Facebook post on Monday, September 18.

“Men of the past had the privilege to marry virgins, homely ladies, domesticated ladies, ladies who appreciated their femininity. Ladies who loved and took pride in being women. Ladies who saw submission as a requirement of them, ladies who believed in men being the head, ladies who “controlled” their men from the back

“What did men this generation get? Whores who want to be treated as queens, ladies who see virginity as a mistake. Ladies who see submission as a big deal, ladies who want to be “men” by all means. Ladies who do not take pride in being women, ladies who do not believe in men as the head. Ladies who want to drag power with men. The standards of men dropped, yes that’s true, but that of women dropped worst.”

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