“They wanted to maltreat her to teach her mother a lesson” – Sophia Momodu throws shade at her baby daddy, Davido

In a recent Snapchat post, Sophia Momodu, famously known as the baby mama to Davido has thrown some subtle shades his way.

One of her Snapchat followers, named Sapphire, expressed admiration for the way Sophia pampers her daughter, Imade, and praised her for setting high standards for her child.

Sophia responded by saying,


Her reply hinted at the fact threat there was still tensions and challenges in her relationship with Davido.

Sophia also shared a photo of herself and Imade standing next to a red car, accompanied by the caption,

“Giving my daughter everything they said she wouldn’t have & then some.”

Recently, Sophia Momodu issued a stern warning to her followers during a recent Instagram live video, urging them to stop asking her about her baby daddy, Davido. She made it clear that, in her view, the matter she had with Davido is in the past and should no longer be a topic of discussion.

This development counters Sophia’s earlier statement in June, where she openly expressed her concerns about raising her child alone, revealing that her worst fear had come true. 


One tanti had this to say,

Is Sophia the only baby mama David has??

“Why must everything revolve round her? Na wa o! Majority of these single mum’s dnt know whatever suffering their child go through it’s bcos of their bad character!! This isn’t a justification for David to neglect imade (if her claims are right) but then person wey u dey task dey collect money nd still give him a dose of your bad character, how do@u want that person to feel? Low key,we’re not ready for that conversation!P.s: Nobody shud come for me o 100”

One amdiiiiiii had this to say,

“So this is how some ladies handle rejection!!”

One browniwales had this to say,

“This sophia is not mentally ok ( g she’s truly a drug addicts. What’s all this o”

One kendra issa bae had this to say,

“Just rest na! Move on”

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